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WooCommerce Products Carousel

Avada comes with a WooCommerce product carousel slider that can be insterted on any page and automatically pull your product posts. Specify only one category to show, or a combination of them, or show all. Show or hide the rollover elements like categories, price and buttons.

Customization Settings

Specify which categories to include or exclude in the carousel. Also determine the size of the images, number of products to be displayed, and to show or hide different rollover elements.

Use With Columns

Use this shortcode with our columns shortcode to place it anywhere on your website. This shortcode is 100% responsive and will look good on any screen resolution.

Use Carousel With Columns

The recent work carousel can be used inside of column shortcodes to control the size. By default it will display all categories of portfolio posts. Users can specify that only a specific category is displayed instead of all categories, which gives you full control over what posts are seen by viewers.

Complete Set of Options

Every option and description included with the Woo carousel shortcode is listed below.

  • picture_size – Can be one of these values: fixed, or auto. Sets the size of your image to be fixed or not.
  • cat_slug – The id of the category from which you want the posts to be displayed. Use a comma for multiple categories.
  • number_posts – Accepts a numerical value to show how many posts are displayed. For example, 7.
  • show_cats – Can be one of these values: yes, or no. This will show or hide the categories.
  • show_price – Can be one of these values: yes, or no. This will show or hide the rollover price.
  • show_buttons – Can be one of these values: yes, or no. This will show or hide the rollover buttons.
  • class – Add a custom class to the wrapping HTML element for further css customization.
  • id – Add a custom id to the wrapping HTML element for further css customization.

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WooCommerce Product Carousel

Features and Customizations

  • Unlimited use and items per carousel and per page
  • Specify a specific category to display in recent work carousel
  • Specify the number of posts that will be displayed
  • Show/hide categories, price and buttons on rollover
  • Use with column shortcodes to control the width
  • Set the link target attribute to control how the link opens

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